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Submission Complete! Please See Below For Next Steps

Submission Complete! Please See Below For Next Steps
The next steps in your financial planning journey are just below...

Thank you for taking the time to submit your financial plan questionnaire (if you have not completed it yet, you can do so by clicking HERE - upon completion you'll be redirected to this web page)! This page will provide you with the next steps for your upcoming appointment with your financial advisor.

  1. Your first step after completing your questionnaire is to schedule a time to meet with your advisor. Please click HERE to be directed to your advisory team's calendar and set up a time to connect to review your plan. If you are married and your spouse would also like to be involved in any of the decisions, please make sure they are available at the scheduled time also.
  2. Please begin gathering any of the following documents that apply to you as your advisory team will be reaching out to you to request them. Your advisors will provide you two different options for securely sending us your needed information.

Documents To Have Ready:

Investments -

  • IRA Statements
  • Any Personal Investment Statements (i.e. TOD Accounts, Joint Accounts)
  • Old Employer Sponsored Plans (i.e. 401k/403B) Statements
  • Minor Children/Grandchildren Investment Statements
  • Pension Benefits Statement

Life Insurance-

  • Copies of life insurance policies (these can typically be downloaded from your current provider's website).

Social Security -

  • Social Security Fact Sheet (this can be accessed via the Social Security link below. Your advisor will also provide you further instructions in the email you will be receiving from them)

Debt Balances -

  • Statements for all current debt liabilities

Estate Planning Documents -

  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Power of attorneys
  • Trust Documents

3. Here are a few great financial resources you can utilize:

If you have a question that is not listed here, don't worry! You can bring up your financial questions to your advisor on your upcoming meeting or by responding to the email they'll be sending you shortly.